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Internal Glazing

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Protection From Accidents

Correctly specified and installed, glass is ideal for use inside the home in a wide range of areas including doors, partitions, balconies, and balustrades. Ensure that you have taken advice on the type of glass to use in each application.

Where glass is used overhead, at low level or in and around doors, windows and screens, the relevant British Standards must be met to protect against accidental human impact, such as children running into a patio door. There are three types of common safety glass:

  • Toughened glass that is up to five times stronger than ordinary glass and it breaks into small, safe granular pieces on when broken.
  • Laminated glass consists of two pieces of glass bonded together with a clear plastic interlayer so it cracks when broken but stays in position, reducing the risk of injury.
  • Wired Safety Glass has a wire mesh embedded within the glass and it behaves like laminated glass when broken.

The location of the glass and its size determines the classification of impact resistance that should be used.  Your local glazier or glass merchant can advise you.  If in doubt request BS6206 class B or A or BS EN 12600 Class 2 or 1 for most locations.  There are additional considerations for glass that is to protect you from a change in floor level such as outside balconies or staircases.