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ConservatoriesKeep the Sun Out Keeping Heat Inside Protection from Fire Reduce Noise Levels Protection From Accidents Protecting from Crime Cleaning Itself Continuously Decoration and Privacy

Protecting From Crime

Large areas of glass such as is found in Conservatories can be targets for vandalism or even theft. Specially processed glass can help in the prevention of damage or forced entry.

Glass can be used to provide added security to your home. By using laminated glass which stays in situ on impact it can provide protection against deliberate attack such as vandalism or break-in. Laminated glass is available in a range of  thicknesses depending on the level of impact resistance you wish to be protected from.  When using laminated glass in windows consider the means of escape from upstairs rooms.  Breaking out through laminated glass is as difficult as breaking in but this can be accommodated in the window frame design.  The resistance to penetration of the glass can be aided by careful frame and locking system design to give maximum protection.

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