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Glass serves many uses in modern life. In large commercial buildings, glass gives office buildings a distinctive look and allows designers the freedom to create energy efficient structures making the most of natural daylight whilst providing the occupants with safe comfortable interiors to work. 

Nowadays, glass strongly influences modern architectural design. The creative use of large windows, glass doors, rooflights, and atria amongst many other applications, makes buildings bright, airy and inviting.

As buildings materials have to fulfill varied duties, the type of glass must be carefully selected.  Whether your requirement is for energy management, appearance, acoustic control or strength there are glasses that can meet these objectives.

Today safety and security in the work place is strongly driven by legislation. With glass these requirements are easily met whilst still keeping the desired look and feel you require.

It’s simply a case of knowing what to ask for.

Select the area of glazing that you are interested in on the building and find out more.

Thermal InsulationThermal Insulation
Fire ProtectionFire Protection
Noise ControlNoise Control
Special ApplicationsSpecial Applications