Scotland Building Standards

On the 1st of May 2005 a new building standards system came into operation in Scotland.

All building warrant applications from this date will be processed under the Building (Scotland) Act 2003.

The Scottish Building Standards Agency (SBSA) is an executive agency of the Scottish Executive to undertake the national functions related to the building standards system.

The Building (Scotland) Act 2003 gives Scottish Ministers the power to make building regulations to:

"secure the health, safety, welfare and convenience of persons in and about buildings and others who may be affected by buildings or matters connected with buildings, further the conservation of fuel and power, and further the achievement of sustainable development."

On 6th April 2010, the Scottish Government released new versions of the domestic and non-domestic Technical Handbooks in support of the Building (Scotland) Amendments Regulations 2010.  Significant changes have been made to Section 6 covering energy.  They will come into effect on 1st October 2010.

Section 0 - general

Section 1 - Structure

Section 2 - Fire

Section 3 - Environment

Section 4 - Safety

Section 5 - Noise

Section 6 - Energy

Section 7 - Sustainability

  • Conservation of Fuel and Power
    In Scotland, the requirements for the conservation of fuel and power are covered by Part J of the Building Standards.

  • Fire Safety
    In Scotland, the Building Standards (Scotland) Regulations set out the functional requirements which are supported by the detailed guidance of the Technical Standards: Part D Structural fire precautions and Part E Means of escape from fire, facilities for fire fighting and means of warning of fire in dwellings.

  • Impact Safety
    The relevant Building Standard for impact safety in Scotland is: Part P 'Miscellaneous Hazards'.

  • Stairs Ramps and Barriers
    For new buildings and for buildings subject to major refurbishment, the requirements for glazing when incorporated in the designs of stairs, ramps and barriers can be found in The Building Standards (Scotland) Regulations 1990 Part S Stairs, Ramps and Protective Barriers.