The Addition of Conservatories

No one can argue that the addition of a conservatory to a house adds value to any property. These sun rooms not only provide the extra space of another room but also bring the outdoors right into the house. Made almost entirely out of glass, conservatories let in the maximum amount of light and give beautiful views of the outside. Sitting in a conservatory allows you to enjoy those outside views but not the sometimes chilly weather conditions!

Conservatories can be used as a sunny place to eat breakfast, as that much needed extra space for your children to play or as a reading room that gives you an escape from the kids. Nothing beats sitting in a conservatory as the rain patters on the glass roof or the winter sun filters in, allowing you to enjoy the light of the morning without the cold.

Problems with Conservatories

While the benefits of conservatories are innumerable, there is sometimes some cause for concern when installing one in your own home. While three walls and a ceiling made entirely of glass do offer spectacular views and add a unique feature to your home, these glass extensions can also be problematic. Dirty glass prevents your conservatory from fulfilling its purpose of letting the light in and a glass room is also known for being cold in winter and hot in summer. Many people also shy away from conservatories due to the fear that glass is unsafe - both in fear of small children being hurt if it breaks and because it is a less effective barrier against intruders.

Get the best out of Conservatories

All of these problems with conservatories can be easily sorted out, simply by choosing the correct glass. Pilkington is the UK's leading glass supplier and offers a range of products that is ideally suited to both conservatories and your needs. If you are worried about having to clean your conservatory, then the Pilkington Activ™ Self-Cleaning Glass range is the answer. Coated in a special layer, this glass breaks down dirt into small particles that are then washed away by the rain or a garden hose. When used in conservatories, this innovative product removes all the hassle of cleaning those hard to reach places, leaving you only to enjoy the view.

If you are worried about having to spend a huge amount of money keeping your conservatory warm in winter and cool in summer, Pilkington also has a range of glass products that can fix this problem for you. Solar control glass and thermal insulating glass either keep the heat in winter, or help block the heat in summer, helping to keep your conservatory at the ideal temperature and reducing your energy bills. Pilkington safety and security glass can also be combined with self-cleaning glass to help ensure that all conservatories are as safe, secure and clean as possible.

Contact Pilkington today to find out which of their products is best suited to your conservatory and your needs.