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Pilkington Anti-Condensation Glass

20 Apr 2015
Higher performance thermal insulation glass is becoming more and more popular as demanding environmental and legislative needs increase.  For applications where highly efficient thermal insulation glazing is required, the occurrence of external condensation can be a problem.

External condensation is a natural phenomenon which occurs when the external surface temperature of the glass drops below the dew-point - occurring usually during the autumn and winter months.

Designed to delay and, in many cases, prevent the onset of external condensation on Insulating Glass Units (IGUs), the low-e coating on Pilkington Anti-condensation Glass works by keeping the temperature of the external surface warmer.

Robust and easy to clean, Pilkington Anti-condensation Glass can be laminated, toughened and bent making it available for a wide variety of commercial and domestic applications. It can also be used in combination with other thermally-efficient glass products such as the Pilkington K Glass™ range and Pilkington Optitherm™ range to create an insulating glass unit.

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