Conservation of Fuel and Power

Northern Ireland

The requirements for the conservation of fuel and power are covered by Part F of the Northern Ireland Building Regulations.  The standards have recently been radically revised and two new Part F Technical Booklets come into effect 30 November 2006. As in all other parts of the British Isles, the new Part F in effect requires all windows in new buildings, and all replacement windows in existing buildings, to achieve standards of energy efficiency which mean that low emissivity glass (low E )will be necessary in virtually every situation. The new requirements which Part F imposes on, windows and glazing, are summarised in Northern Ireland , Bulletin 1.


Republic of Ireland - Revisions to Part L of the Building Regulations

The requirements for the conservation of fuel and energy are covered by Part L of the Building Regulations.  New standards for dwellings came into effect in 2003, which meant that low emissivity glass was required in all new and replacement windows in dwellings, and in domestic conservatories.


In July 2006 amendments were introduced which, in effect, brought the requirements for windows in non-housing into line with those which already applied to dwellings.  Therefore, all building types now require new and replacement windows to achieve a maximum U value of 2.2 W/m2K, a standard which Pilkington K Glass will allow to be achieved.  The new requirements which Part L now imposes on glazing are summarised in Republic of Ireland, Bulletin 3.

The government has also announced the introduction of a system of Building Energy Ratings, to conform with the EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive. These will be certificates quantifying a building's energy performance, and also setting out cost effective ways of improving that performance. The timetable announced is that BERs will be mandatory for new dwellings from January 2007, for new non-housing from January 2008, and for all existing buildings when sold or let from January 2009. The development of the BER system is being led by the Sustainable Energy Ireland agency.