Technical Advisory Service Details

The Pilkington technical advisory service provides information and advice on the use of Pilkington products.  The advice is given freely but it is limited to basic applications of glass and simple glazing applications.  For more complex uses of glass and novel installations professional advice should be sought from specialists and qualified engineers.
If you have a complaint about a service provided by others or on the quality of glass you received from your glass installer/supplier, then we are unable to intercede.  Please contact the provider to resolve such issues.

If you are a Householder looking for information on prices or availability of products, you should contact your local glass merchant or window installer.  Architects, designers and the Trade Customers should contact the local Pilkington branch for prices and delivery information.

For enquiries related to products and services not supplied by Pilkington, a list of suppliers is available on our website, but the suppliers listed are neither vetted nor approved by Pilkington.  Any user of the referred services should establish that the supplier is competent both technically and financially to undertake the work.

If you require assistance regarding your glass specification please visit our specification checklist page which will give guidance as to the information we will require to best assist you.