Part L of the Building Regulations

The new Approved Documents for Part L of the Building Regulations in England and Wales were published by CLG on 30th April 2010, and were came into effect on 1st October 2010. Key changes include: all new buildings now have a target of 25% reduction in Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions compared to 2006 levels; Window Energy Ratings (WERs) are now the main compliance for replacement windows in homes; an alternative route has been retained for window U values; and there is now an increased focus on limiting solar gain in the summer and solar control in public and commercial buildings.

Despite proposals made by the glazing industry during the consultation stage for the regulations, conservatories with a floor area of less than 30m2 are still exempt from the energy efficiency requirements.

The Government remains committed to the target that by 2016 all new homes constructed need to have net zero carbon emissions, with standards expected to improve progressively to this level over the next five years.

Click here for Part L 2010 Bulletin 10, which summarises the changes in the regulations relevant to glazing.