Green Deal

The Green Deal, the focus of the Government’s Energy Bill, aims to deliver a framework including potential incentives to energy suppliers and households that will transform the provision of energy efficiency in the UK by enabling a ‘pay as you save’ approach. The Deal will see the creation of a new legal mechanism allowing the obligation to repay the costs of energy efficiency measures to be attached to the energy bill of a property, rather than to an individual.

This means that the reluctance to invest in green measures within the home when the householder may not be residing there long-term is removed. Payments for energy saving measures will be collected through energy bills. The Energy Saving Trust has estimated that as much as 23% of a home’s heat energy can be lost through inefficient windows. Therefore, installing Energy Efficient Windows is essential for homes to reduce energy use and subsequent carbon emissions from homes. Reducing the energy lost also has the additional benefit of reducing household bills, and forms an important part of a whole house approach to reducing energy use.

The Glass and Glazing Federation and Pilkington are working hard together to ensure that energy efficient glazing features on the Green Deal’s list of approved products.