A range of on-line pyrolytic coated glass products designed for thin film photovoltaic technologies.



NSG TEC™ is a group of products, including a comprehensive range of TCO glass (Transparent Conductive Oxide coated glass), optimised to suit a variety of thin film photovoltaics, with different haze and conductivity levels. All our NSG TEC™ products are manufactured using a patented chemical vapour deposition process to produce a durable, on-line pyrolytic coating that may be heat strengthened or fully tempered, providing complete flexibility for photovoltaic module production.

Each of our products within the NSG TEC™ range is targeted at a particular thin film photovoltaic technology. For a-Si, a-Si/μ-Si, CdTe and DSSC technologies, properties such as light transmittance, Transparent Conductive Oxide conductivity (sheet resistance) and light trapping (haze) can be optimized to meet individual customer requirements.

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